Last night we held a celebratory event at our grassroots activities space, featuring powerful poetry performances from members of our drama group, who told us how we can Welcome Every Woman. 

Performances included important poetry and songs about women’s experiences of seeking safety in the UK: atrocious asylum accommodation, inhumane immigration detention centres and cruel decision-making. 


‘418’ by Mahide:


‘I say yes’ by EE:

We also laughed (particularly in Drama’s heads or tails game!), listened to music and ate delicious Iranian-inspired canapes made by Elahe, a member of our network and a talented chef. 


It was such a joyful and fun evening, where supporters came together with our staff, trustees, volunteers and drama group to celebrate refugee women. 

Coming together in celebration is vital in the face of the government’s hostility towards people seeking safety.

Joy is resistance, and last night we had it in abundance!  



Our work with women seeking safety would not be possible without the compassion and solidarity of people like

you. Thank you for all that you do. 

If you would like to further support refugee and asylum-seeking women: 

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