On Wednesday 15th November the Supreme Court rejected the Government’s harmful Rwanda plan, and unanimously ruled that no-one seeking safety in the UK can be forcibly deported to Rwanda. The judgment is a resounding victory for all the organisations, individual claimants and legal professionals involved in the challenge, as well as everyone else who campaigned and took action.

Our Director Alphonsine Kabagabo said:

‘The Supreme Court ruling sends a powerful message to the Government about just how inhumane, illegal and cruel their asylum policies are. We know how terrifying threats like the Rwanda plan are for the women in our network, who have survived serious violence and trauma, and need safety and stability in order to recover and rebuild their lives. We must continue to stand strong against the Government’s plans to ignore the Supreme Court’s judgment. When we stand together, in resistance, hope and compassion, we can challenge cruelty and create change. Let’s show the Government that their harmful policies do not represent us.’