Fundraise for refugee women

Refugee and asylum-seeking women in our network have already survived so much: persecution, gender-based violence, sexual violence, rape, forced marriage, trafficking and other torture.

But when they arrive in the UK seeking safety, they are met with even more injustice and maltreatment. They are disbelieved by default, heartlessly detained at random, and are often left to ‘live’ in atrocious accommodation.

Gender equality can’t exist whilst refugee women are being treated as lesser humans.

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What can you do to help?

The answer is anything you’d like! You could take on a challenge, donate a percentage of profits from your small business, set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser, put on an event with your school or university society and much much more.

Facebook birthday fundraiser

Whatever you decide to do, we’re here to help! Message us at for support, encouragement and with any questions! We love to know what cool and creative activities our supporters are up to.

Together, we can help refugee women to heal and rebuild their lives in the UK.

“When I arrived in the UK after fleeing war, I was terrified and completely alone.​ I had seen so much. Felt so much fear. I was broken.​ But, no matter how many times I told my truths as part of my application for refugee protection, no one in the UK believed me.​ For years, the questions kept coming. I was made to feel like I’d done something wrong. My nightmares got worse.​ But then I discovered the charity Women for Refugee Women. Through their community of sisterhood and solidarity, I improved my English. I learned how to better advocate for myself. I made friends.​ My application still hasn’t been approved, and the interrogations haven’t stopped. ​But at least I am no longer alone.”

– Beatrice’s story

Are you ready to start fundraising for refugee women?

If you’re ready to go, you can easily start your own fundraising page for us with Just Giving.