Support women in detention

Support women in detention with vital hardship support.

"I arrived in the UK after fleeing gender-based violence, and I was detained in a prison-like removal centre. Why? Purely because I exist and am in need of safety."

Most women we’re currently supporting in detention are detained in Derwentside detention centre in County Durham or Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedford.

There is no time limit on immigration detention in the UK, meaning women are often locked up for weeks and months on end, with no idea of when they will be released. Locking up women who have already survived so much inflicts immense harm and retraumatises them. Many experience anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal ideation.

The women we support in detention need urgent support for:

Phone credit

So women can stay in touch with their loved ones and legal representatives to ensure they are receiving the support they need.

Hardship support

So women can buy necessities from the ‘shop’, such as toiletries and hygiene products.


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