Support refugee and asylum-seeking women to connect, heal and thrive.


How much to give

£10 can enable a woman to attend a creative and educational activity.

Our creative and educational activities, such as English, drama, yoga, or knitting, provide a safe and welcoming space where women can make friends, develop their confidence and skills and find community.

£30 can provide emergency support to a woman in extreme hardship.

We provide small-scale grants to destitute women, for example to enable her to buy food or spend the night somewhere safe.

£100 can support women one to attend English classes for a whole term.

Our English classes, tailored to women’s individual needs, offer a welcoming space for women to practice their speaking, reading and writing skills and to build their confidence.

£300 enables us to provide high-quality immigration advice over the phone to around six women.

The lack of access to good quality advice is one of the major reasons that refugee women are made destitute through the complex asylum process. £300 enables us to provide a qualified advisor for the day who can advise women on their asylum claims, housing and other vital support.

‘Helena’ said, “I did not know what to do before I got advice, but now I know my options and have a roof over my head again.”

£1000 can enable 10 women to attend our drama empowerment programme for a term.

Drama sessions support women’s personal empowerment and wellbeing. The sessions focus on enabling women to share their stories safely and creatively with wide audiences.