Sign our pledge to Welcome Every Woman

Despite the current reality, a better, safer life for every refugee woman should be possible in the UK.

Refugee women arrive in the UK seeking refuge from persecution, war, rape, gender-based violence and other forms of torture.

But instead of finding safety here after surviving so much, they only discover even more injustices and experience even more maltreatment.

And those arriving by the most desperate means are being treated the most heartlessly.

History has proven time and time again that women are stronger together. So, right now, let’s keep making history.

Gender equality cannot exist in the UK while refugee women are being treated as lesser humans.

Together, we will prove that the UK is better than the government’s hostility, cruelty and harm.

Together, we will always fight for what’s right.

Together, we will Welcome Every Woman, regardless of who she is or how she got here.

Sign our pledge

Sign our pledge

  • Become part of a strong, compassionate and caring community standing in solidarity with refugee women;
  • Be infrequently (we promise!) updated on ways you can campaign to make a difference to the lives of refugee women.