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Women for Refugee Women supports a network of over 300 refugee and asylum-seeking women to build their confidence and skills, and develop friendships in a welcoming and supportive space, both in-person and online.

Our creative and educational activities run during school term times and aim to create a sense of community where women can grow together, explore their creativity, and begin to heal.

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“When I arrived in this country I could not understand English, and now after joining the English class I am able to speak English in front of people, even in public.”


“I did not know what to do before I came here, but now I know my options and have a roof over my head again.”


“Drama helps me to understand my potential and what I can accomplish. I feel empowered mentally, socially and physically.”

Campaigning activities

“The [End Detention] group made me feel at home. I draw my strength and feel encouraged to face my challenges and take care of others in the same situation.”


“Yoga has helped me mentally because it is about being calm [and] listening to your body.”

Creative activities

“First, I met new friends. I relearnt how to knit again. I made something I’m happy with. I forget my stress when I knit.”

Rainbow Sisters

“Rainbow Sisters is a family…It is the only group we’ve found where we feel truly welcome and comfortable to be ourselves…we’ve found our voices again.”

*Please note Rainbow Sisters is currently full and is closed for new referrals until September 2024.

Digital inclusion

“When I first came here, I didn’t know anything! Now I know I can do things. I enjoyed seeing people happy, smiling and learning!”

and much more!

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