About us

A better, safer life for every refugee woman should be possible in the UK.

Every woman who has had to flee their home for their safety deserves a chance to live, and to thrive, again. No matter who she is or how she got here.

At Women for Refugee Women, we support women who have fled persecution including rape, gender-based violence, domestic violence, forced marriage, female-genital cutting, sexual violence, torture and trafficking to rebuild their lives on their own terms.

Our vision is a world where women no longer need to seek asylum because they are safe from persecution and have equal power and access to opportunities.

We know this will take a lot of work!

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Our values

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We are inclusive of and stand with all women regardless of race, class, sexuality, gender identity and expression, faith, national origin, language, education, age and disability. We are always mindful of privilege and imbalances of power, and seek to treat everyone fairly and equally.


We are stronger when we work together: we listen, we learn, we share and we support one another.


We are open and accountable in our decision-making.

Courage and authenticity

We are brave and bold in how we challenge injustice. We will keep the women with whom we work, and these values, at the heart of all we do.

Kindness and compassion

We treat everyone with dignity, kindness and compassion. We value and nurture the contributions of all those we work alongside. We are respectful, supportive and caring.

Creativity, learning and reflection

We are open to different ideas and skills and celebrate that there may be many ways to achieve change. We have a culture of continuous learning and embrace reflection.