Sisters Not Strangers

Women for Refugee Women is a very proud member of Sisters Not Strangers.

Sisters Not Strangers is a UK-based coalition of groups that support refugee and asylum-seeking women.

We come together to campaign against inhumane policies that affect women who are seeking safety in the UK.

We dream of a world where all women who seek asylum are seen as women, as neighbours, as mothers, as colleagues, as activists, as sisters, not strangers.

Our work

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We held an alternative conference #WeAreSurvivorsToo to highlight the Government’s hypocrisy. Too often survivors are treated with disbelief, which exposes them to destitution and further sexual violence in the place where they hoped to find sanctuary.

"I found myself in a bad situation, I could not stand it, I could not change it. All I did is to run away just to survive. Give her a chance to survive."

– Maria

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Read ‘Hear Us’ on the experiences of refugee and asylum-seeking women during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hear Us

"For a week during lockdown, I slept on buses. I went from one side of London to the other, because it was free to travel on the bus then. I would like the government to respect us, let us be safe and treat us with dignity as human beings."

– Lo Lo

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