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Women for Refugee Women,
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If you are a refugee or asylum-seeking woman who would like to join our group contact Marchu

07852 765193

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@4refugeewomen “Working online has also enabled the #SistersNotStrangers coalition of grassroots refugee women’s groups across the UK to work more closely together, sharing learning, and building a powerful movement for change”. #16days #LookBeyond


Day 11- @4refugeewomen

They are an incredible organisation, who work to help empower refugee and asylum-seeking women to build their confidence and campaign for political change. Please visit their site below, and support them!

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Today the 20th member of our #RainbowSisters group for LGBT & non-binary people was granted their leave to remain in the UK!

The asylum process makes it so hard for people who are searching for safety because of their sexuality, so this is a huge milestone for the group!

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