To mark Pride 2021, Rainbow Sisters, our support group for LGBT+ women and non-binary individuals, have planned a takeover of Women for Refugee Women’s social media!

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Who are we?

In Rainbow Sisters, we have a professional netball player, a microbiologist, a makeup artist, a singer, an accountant and so many more diverse skills and talents.

CeeCee, one of our members, is a phenomenal make-up artist! Here’s her special look for pride. Check out more of her amazing work on TikTok.



Rainbow Sisters helps us love who we are.

Pride makes us feel recognised. When we can march together, we feel love from the crowd. It’s a time to be yourself, without judgement.

But Pride isn’t perfect. The fact that we need a Black Pride shows how Black people have been marginalised from Pride. We mustn’t forget that Pride started as a protest by a black trans woman: Marsha P. Johnson.

The Home Office makes it extremely difficult for LGBT+ people to find safety here in the UK. All we are asking for is a chance to have a fair hearing and to rebuild our lives in safety.

“The Home Office assumes you are lying. When you go to them, it is not to share your story, it is to defend yourself, because they’ve already decided you are lying. They have to start seeing us as people.”

As Rainbow Sisters, we just want to be us! You can support us by donating here.

And finally, we are proud to be…

We hope you enjoyed our takeover!