Student supporters

Are you a student, school or university society wanting to support refugee women whilst also having fun with your friends?

Fundraise with us and get creative! You could:

  • Put on a bake sale. A classic, but it works and is delicious!
  • Organise an open mic night, comedy night or put on a play. Have a great evening whilst also supporting refugee women.
  • Run a raffle. Win fun prizes and support us!
  • Put on a clothes swap. A sustainable option too!
  • Organise a challenge with your society or school year group. You could go cold water swimming together or climb a mountain.
  • Make something together to sell (a zine or a calendar for example!)

Other ways to support us:

  • Follow us on social media.
  • Share our campaigns and petitions.
  • Run workshops about our campaigns at your school or university.
  • Volunteer with us.

We’d love to discuss what we can do together further, get in touch at: