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Through our creative and educational activities such as English lessons, drama, yoga, radical knitting and more, we support women to build their confidence and skills. Our warm and welcoming space helps to combat the isolation faced by women seeking safety and creates pathways for women to rebuild their lives on their own terms.

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When women tell their own stories, they can change minds and build understanding about what it means to seek safety in the UK. We support refugee and asylum-seeking women to speak to the media, to parliamentarians, at events and through the arts.

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Working alongside refugee and asylum-seeking women in our network, we publish robust research on the experiences of refugee women; work with policy makers to make the case for a fairer asylum process; and creatively campaign to make change.

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We understand that the Government is planning to turn Derwentside, currently the main detention centre for women, into a men's detention centre from the beginning of 2024.



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The Supreme Court ruled the Rwanda Plan unlawful

On Wednesday 15th November the Supreme Court rejected the Government’s harmful Rwanda plan, and unanimously ruled that no-one seeking safety in the UK can be forcibly deported to Rwanda. The judgment is a resounding victory for all the organisations, individual claimants and legal professionals involved in the challenge, as well as everyone else who campaigned and took action. Our Director comments ...

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Suella Braverman’s speech: How it harms women and LGBTQ+ people

In her speech today, Suella Braverman claimed that ‘simply being gay, or a woman, and fearful of discrimination in your country of origin’ is not sufficient to qualify someone for protection. ⁣Her speech seeks to whip up hatred, division and fear. But we are better than this. We know that most people choose compassion and kindness. That we offer our hand to those in need of protection and welcome them into our communities.

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