‘Where there’s women, there’s magic.’

International Women’s Day (8th March) is a time for sisterhood and celebration, but also an opportunity to unite and make a difference.

From a joyous International Women’s Day party, to hand-delivering flowers and cards of solidarity to women currently detained at Yarl’s Wood, we had a busy week!

International Women’s Day party

Alongside refugee and asylum-seeking women in our network, we came together to celebrate ourselves and each other through a joyful afternoon of connection, celebration and fun.

From an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, to our hair and nail salon, and our ‘Inspiration Wall’, there were wonderful moments of activism and solidarity and much needed relaxation and pampering!

Following inspirational speeches from our Director, Alphonsine, and many women in our network, we ended the party with a delicious African feast. With thanks to some generous supporters, each woman went home with some beautiful self-care gifts.

‘Joy is resistance!’

Solidarity and hope

Led by refugee women in our network, hundreds of cards of solidarity were hand-written to women who are currently held in immigration detention, separated from their loved ones with no idea when they will be released.

Ahead of IWD and Mother’s Day, flowers and cards were hand-delivered to Yarl’s Wood. MH, said: ‘We need to stop this treatment, so we can all live in a better world.’ Read more about it in the local newspaper here.

‘Diamonds are made under high pressure. And you are a diamond. Continue shining and being strong. You are loved and valued.’

Lost and Found debut performance

To celebrate IWD, 19 members of our drama group performed their show, ‘Lost and Found‘, to a packed room at the Southbank Centre in London.

The original poetry and performances were written by members of drama to reflect their lives and experiences and to show how the small things we lose, and find, can mean so much more.

It was a moving, inspirational and uplifting afternoon. We are so proud of all the women who took part and can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

‘When I was younger there were things that were lost… now I am older, there are things that I’ve found.’

Campaigning for change

Every woman who has been forced to cross borders for her safety deserves a chance to rebuild her life. But the in-built inhumanity of the UK’s asylum system means that women seeking safety can be heartlessly detained at random.

Locking up women who have already survived so much inflicts immense harm.

There are currently fewer than 100 women in detention – so the Government could end the use of detention for women NOW.

Alongside refugee women in our End Detention group, we’ve sent hundreds of hand-written cards and emails to MPs asking them to sign a letter to the Home Secretary urging them to end detention. But we need your help! 

Write to your MP and make a difference – it’s quick and easy!


To mark both IWD and Mother’s Day, refugee women in our network shared their experiences of being separated from their loved ones and being refugee mothers in creative and powerful ways.

Members of our Campaigns Forum wrote messages of hope, longing and solidarity to their loved ones, to the public, and to MPs on daffodils. ‘Because of you, I am who I am today.’

And Loraine and Sara shared their experiences of being refugee mothers on our blog, alongside an original beautiful poem, ‘Children are like Butterflies’, by a member of our network.

‘Being a mother has taught me that no matter what, you cannot give up.’

We will always meet the Government’s hostility and cruelty with joy, resilience and action!

‘Together we are stronger! Women are powerful!’

We couldn’t achieve any of this without our compassionate and generous supporters. Please continue to support refugee women and to make a real difference: donate here.