Support refugee women

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are a time for sisterhood and celebration, but also an opportunity to unite and make a difference.

Whilst a joyful occasion for many, for the refugee and asylum-seeking women in our network, Mother’s Day can be particularly difficult. Many are navigating the hostile asylum process with their families, and for others, the pain of separation is felt particularly deeply at this time of year.

We are mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, campaigners, colleagues, and so much more...  

I Imagine leaving your child behind. Imagine kissing them goodbye and having no idea when you’ll get to embrace them again…. I last saw my son in 2011. Thirteen years ago. But it feels like a lifetime.  I feel incomplete. A part of me is missing.”
– Loraine

Read Loraine’s story here.

We (me and my 5-year-old son) have been living in a small, cramped hotel room for months. It’s so crowded here and there’s nowhere for Adem to play. He wants to run around and explore, but… we have to stay in our room. It doesn’t even have a window. 


Read Sara’s story here.

At Women for Refugee Women, we provide a warm and welcoming space where women can find community, build their skills and confidence, develop friendships, and receive vital legal advice and hardship support.

Together we fight for a fair and compassionate asylum system, where women seeking safety are supported to rebuild their lives, on their terms. 

Whether it’s to celebrate yourself, an important woman in your life, or as a gift for a special figure in your life for Mother’s Day, donate to support refugee women and show that sisterhood is for all of us.

£10 can enable one woman to attend one of our creative and educational activities.

£25 can provide arts and crafts materials for our activities, such as wool and knitting needles.

£75 can provide emergency support to a woman in extreme hardship. 

£250 can provide high-quality legal advice to around five women. 

£1000 can enable ten women to attend our drama class for an entire term.