This is Ange’s story.

Growing up in Cameroon where same-sex activity is illegal and punishable with prison sentences, or worse, Ange found it extremely difficult to understand, accept and celebrate who she is.

But being lesbian is not a choice. It is who Ange is.

Once Ange came out and told her family she is lesbian, she was immediately cut off and still to this day does not have any contact with them.


Fearing for her safety, and unable to live her life authentically, Ange claimed asylum in the UK. However, she is still waiting for her asylum interview, after two and a half years.

“The waiting and waiting is so stressful. I cannot be free. I am cut off from all opportunities to grow, learn and better myself.”

Ange has repeatedly felt pressure from people to ‘prove’ who she is, including suggestions that she should find a partner to prove that she is lesbian.


Unfortunately, this is all too common. Our Rainbow Sisters research report, See Us, Believe Us, Stand With Us, found that disbelief and high-levels of ‘proof’ are all too commonplace in the asylum process for people from the LGBTQ+ community.

Despite the difficulties of claiming asylum, Ange has found joy too.

“The Rainbow Sisters are my family. We’re all so different, but we all help each other. It is solidarity in action. It is happiness.”

Being part of Rainbow Sisters gave Ange the courage to be open about who she is, and for the first time ever, in 2022, Ange attended Pride.

“I didn’t even know what Pride was! I felt like I was at Disneyland. It was liberating, I felt proud of who I am and proud of being lesbian! If people don’t like that I am lesbian, that is no longer a problem to me – it is their problem. I am not afraid; I am not shy. I am me!”

Ange is looking forward to marching in the official London Pride parade this year, alongside her Rainbow Sisters.

“This year, I’m going to enjoy every moment!”

Ange would like to tell others:



Since sharing her story, Ange has been granted refugee status. We are so pleased Ange finally received the protection she needed.