Voices Unveiled

Voices Unveiled: a photography exhibition by Oscar Mucyo celebrating refugee women.

We were thrilled to work in partnership with Oscar Mucyo, a Coventry based photographer on Voices Unveiled, a portrait photography exhibition featuring refugee and asylum-seeking women from our network and their stories.

The aim of this powerful exhibition is to celebrate refugee women and the people and families they represent and in doing so to humanise the refugee experience. Through photography, this project seeks to promote empathy, understanding, and solidarity within our communities while also providing a platform for refugee women to reclaim their narratives.

"The experiences of the women featured in this exhibition embody hope, empathy and a strong resolve to forge a brighter tomorrow."


Esperance is from West Africa. Now she is in the UK, she hopes that life will be good, with many opportunities. One day, it will be okay… Peace and love!


Ladia is from the Middle East. In her home country, she enjoyed working in a perfume shop.

When she first came to the UK, she found the language barrier really difficult, but is becoming more confident speaking English every day.

Her hope for the future is to work in a job where she gets to meet and talk to lots of people.


Joy is from Nigeria and came to the UK seeking safety, a better life and freedom. She is photographed here with her mortar and pestle which is key to grinding spices and cooking traditional food. Her hopes for her life in the UK is for good health and a long life!


In her home country of Cote d’Ivorie, Agnes was a high-ranking member of a political party and personal assistant to the First Lady – a career which she loved and excelled at.

When civil war broke out in 2010, Agnes had to flee to save her life.

Agnes channels her experience into a force for good. She now works at Women for Refugee Women, volunteers at Women with Hope, is a housing worker at Coventry Migrant Women House, volunteers at CARAG in Coventry and is also a member also of the Sisters Not Strangers coalition.


In her home country in East Africa, Yorda worked in electrical engineering in a factory.

Yorda likes to cook traditional food, wear traditional dress and dance often, as a way to connect to her culture, country and loved ones.

Yorda speaks six languages and often supports other refugee and asylum-seeking women to develop their skills and confidence to speak English. She now volunteers at Women for Refugee Women, running Salsa classes for women, bringing much-needed joy and fun to the class each week! Her dream for the future is to support orphan children in Africa to access education.


Sara is from East Africa and enjoyed working in her family shop. When she first came to the UK, she found the weather very surprising and difficult to get used to! She is a member of lots of different activities at Women for Refugee Women and enjoys knitting, dancing, and practicing her English.


Elizabeth is from Zambia. She worked in hotel management back in her home country.
She moved to the UK after a series of losses in her family including her husband and her father. Elizabeth waited for 11 years to be granted refugee status and has now lived here for 23 years.

She is photographed here with a smooth stone, a bracelet and a bible which was given to her by an elderly lady she took care of back in 2002 called Elisabeth. The bible kept Elizabeth going during her long waiting times. It empowered, comforted and healed her to this day. At the start of 2024, Elizabeth wrote these words on the smooth stone: “I need Peace, Joy, Trust and fulfilment of good health, and trust in God”.

Elizabeth made the bracelet during her art and craft activities. Making these items gives her time to concentrate and empower herself mentally.

Our creative and educational activities support refugee women to learn new skills, connect and heal.

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View the exhibition in person:
1 July – 7 July 2024
10:00am to 4:00pm
Location: Chapel of Unity, Coventry Cathedral 

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