Celebrating some of our amazing runners this springtime 

Simon and Francesca – Hampton Court Half Marathon

Simon and Francesca ran the Hampton Court Half Marathon in support of Women for Refugee Women in March.

We are so grateful for their support and for the very kind donations from their friends and family. It will make a real difference to the refugee and asylum-seeking women we support!

Simon even managed to take this fabulous picture with a well-known local resident…

Lidia and Rebecca – Gloucestershire 10k

Lidia and Rebecca ran the Gloucestershire 10k together to keep each other motivated.

Lidia had started couch to 5k a year ago then decided to take the challenge even further! The very generous donation money from her family and friends motivated her to commit to train twice a week for this 10k with a local running club. 

During the race, Lidia’s daughter and granddaughter leapt out from the crowds and ran with her a couple of times! 

Huge thank you to Francesca, Simon, Lidia and Rebecca!

And to their generous friends, family and loved ones for supporting their challenges and encouraging them along the way.

Could you be next?

Join our amazing community of supporters and embrace the challenge of a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or something completely different, and support refugee and asylum-seeking women at the same time.

We’ll gift you one of our fabulous sports vests and provide encouragement and support along the way!

I'll take on a challenge!