"Through this project I am thinking about both culture and identity because the two go together. Specifically, I am thinking about food. Food in Cameroon has many meanings: it symbolises lifestyle, social status and is a gesture of reconciliation after settling major disputes; it marks the end of family meetings as well as official/public gatherings and is considered a welcoming gesture by a host to a visitor.

It is typical to eat Cameroonian food with your hands. I did not know about using cutlery and all that, it is something that had to be introduced to me. When we come to this part of the world it is something that we do not want to adopt, but that causes controversy. It is really awkward and it annoys some people. It creates that debate whether to leave Africa, come here and act like English people, but then you want to eat at home and you want to maintain the authenticity of that food. So I just think that food symbolises integration. Integration both ways."

Miya's photos:

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