"I come from the western region of Cameroon, from an ethnic group called Bamileke, subdivided into several tribes each under the authority and guidance of a King. We the Bamileke are known as hardworking which make people say we are very rich. But as known, there is no rule without exception; there are also very poor Bamileke.

The Bamileke are also known for their multiple cultural and art festivals also for their diverse range of dishes. Despite being a very big ethnic group, sexuality still remains a taboo. It’s a no-no topic. People are not free to express their sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions etc. I have been a victim of that system, and I think it should change. We are in the 21st century and the fact that I am now in this part of the world makes me feel everyone should be free to talk about feelings without shame or fear. Sexuality is part of us, it is part of what makes us us. It is a very personal but diverse topic."

I was/ I am/ I will be

Leonelle's photos:

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