Manifesto for Change

Every woman who has had to flee her home to save her life deserves a chance to live, and to thrive again. No matter who she is, or how she got here.

The last few years have seen increasingly punitive and hostile laws which punish people seeking safety and threaten the very right to claim asylum in the UK.

But we know there’s an alternative.

Women seeking safety in the UK have survived extreme persecution and gender-based violence, including rape, sexual violence and exploitation, domestic violence, forced marriage, torture and trafficking.

They need to be treated with compassion and supported to heal, and to thrive, in the UK.

Alongside refugee and asylum-seeking women in our network – who are living at the sharp end of the Government’s hostile policies – we’ve created our manifesto for change.

This manifesto is a call to all political parties: choose compassion, not cruelty.

1. rights for all

3. community and care

2. safety and welcome

4. led by refugee women