From Facebook fundraisers to the Instagram donate button, you can now support Women for Refugee Women on your social media. 


Whether it’s your birthday or another special occasion, creating a Facebook fundraiser is a great way to celebrate your special day. You are not only celebrating yourself, but encouraging your friends and family to support refugee and asylum-seeking women and make a difference. You can create a Facebook fundraiser for Women for Refugee Women here!

How does Women for Refugee Women get the money I raise on Facebook and is there a donation fee? 

We receive all of the donations via electronic transfer from Facebook. There are no fees for donating on Facebook, so we receive 100% of each donation.

Are donations made on Facebook eligible for Gift Aid?

Donations made on Facebook may be eligible for Gift Aid if the person making the donation is a taxpayer in the UK. You can indicate that your donation is eligible for Gift Aid whilst making the donation on Facebook.


Using the donate button on your Instagram stories is an easy and fun way to engage your friends to support Women for Refugee Women.

  1. Open your Instagram Stories and post your photograph or video
  2. Tap on the Instagram Stickers button
  3. Select the Donation button and choose @4refugeewomen
  4. Customise your sticker and post
  5. Keep your fundraising story alive by saving it to your highlights!