This page was last updated on 07/04/22.

Free immigration legal advice for people fleeing Ukraine

“We are a group of volunteer legal professionals with immigration and asylum expertise. We are providing a free service to connect Ukrainian citizens (and others fleeing Ukraine) with free legal advice on UK immigration, visas and asylum from qualified and regulated lawyers.”

Find out more here or to request advice, contact with some details of your circumstances and what advice you need.


Helpline numbers from the Refugee Council

A summary of the Refugee Council’s most recent support and information for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine, including helpline numbers for Ukrainian people wanting to come to the UK. Find out more information here.


Official updates from the Home Office

Regularly updated information and advice from the Home Office, including advice on visas and helpline numbers. Find out more here.


Advice for Ukrainians from the Red Cross

Advice from the Red Cross in English, Ukrainian and Russian, to support Ukrainian nationals who have recently arrived in the UK to understand their rights and find out about services they can access.


Resources to support children

Advice in Ukrainian on how to talk to children about war from the Red Cross.

Kind and gentle fairy tales in Ukrainian, available for download here.


Compilation of resources from PILnet

Compilation of resources from our partners is for organisations or individuals who need basic legal assistance concerning people on the move or documenting human rights abuses in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Find out more here.


Ukrainian Refugee Help

‘As hosts and volunteers with first-hand experience of applying for and receiving guests, we found a number of common themes that were occurring for many of us, and decided that our experience and insights gained could prove useful for others. On this site, we have tried to capture and share some of that experience.’ Find out more on their website here.