Are you a talented baker, artist or musician? Whatever it is you’re good at, you can do it for us and raise money to support asylum-seeking and refugee women.

Some ideas from our lovely supporters:

  • Louisa sold her Frida Khalo cards at a local gallery, donating a third of the proceeds to us
  • Rebekah ran weekly kettlebells exercise classes at her work for a year to raise funds for us
  • Sarah at Wear & Resist made us her charity of the month for two months, donating 20% of the proceeds from the sales of her feminist jewellery
  • Belkys Ledezma of N6 Zumba ran a fundraising Zumba class
  • The Morris Folk Choir sang Christmas carols at Dalston Junction station raising £500!

If there is something you would like to do to support us, please get in touch with us at and we’d love to help make it happen! Or if you’re ready to go, you can easily start your own fundraising page for us with Just Giving.

Women for Refugee Women Fundraise Frida Carlo Cards
Women for Refugee Women Fundraise Morris Folk Choir
Women for Refugee Women Fundraise Kettlebell Exercise