Putting ourselves in the picture

"Being part of Rainbow Sisters means I have one family, a community. They never judge me. They accept me."

Rainbow Sisters is our supportive, welcoming and confidential group for lesbian, bisexual and trans women, and non-binary people seeking asylum. The group comes together weekly and meets a real need for a safe space for LGBTQ+ women and individuals to feel supported to understand and celebrate their sexuality and who they are.

Seven members of our Rainbow Sisters group worked with Autograph and Fast Forward: Women in Photography to create powerful pieces that told their stories. Josephine Carter ran a poetry session, prompting the group to consider how poetry and language works alongside photography. They used the guided storytelling framework: I Was / I Am / I Will Be. The Rainbow Sisters then worked with artist Aida Silvestri to create polaroid images around this framework.

Their work has been published in Putting Ourselves in the Picture! Find out more information on the book and where to buy it.

The Book

To celebrate Pride Month, we’re showcasing their work in the form of a virtual gallery. Click on each Rainbow Sister below to see their beautiful, unique and powerful work.


“Now, I want to depict that it is ok not to know who you are sometimes.”


“I want everyone to be treated the same, as equals. I want everyone to have the same opportunities to get a job.”


"If there is any way that I can help women from my country who are lesbians, I will do it."


"I want our parents and family members to know that we have the right to be who we are."


"Through this project I am thinking about both culture and identity because the two go together."


"I have tried love in this country, it didn’t work for me, but I am happier now. I am not like I was two or three years ago."


"Sexuality is part of us, it is part of what makes us us. It is a very personal but diverse topic."

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