Empowering refugee women

“Women for Refugee Women helps me to understand my potential. Coming here allows me to be in my element with people around me who understand what I have been through.”

Empowering women who have sought asylum in the UK is the heart of our work. We support women who are seeking refuge from persecution, including rape and other torture, to rebuild their lives and communicate their own needs and stories.

Women seek safety in the UK having survived extreme violence and dangerous journeys, only to find new challenges when they arrive here. The asylum process often subjects vulnerable women to the 3 D’s: disbelief, detention and destitution. Women’s stories are too often silenced or denied. And if women are denied asylum in the UK, they can be re-traumatised through indefinite detention. Or, they may be made destitute, with no access to any housing or financial support.

To make change, women’s voices need to be heard. Through our programme of empowerment activities, we support a network of over 300 refugee and asylum-seeking women to develop their confidence and skills. A woman who joins our network will find a welcoming and supportive space in which she can meet other women and begin to rebuild her life, whether that be through speaking her first words of English or leading campaigns for a more just asylum process.

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