Current campaigns: end detention

The Government are continuing to detain women seeking safety, despite the well-evidenced harm that detention causes to women who have already survived so much. This is cruel.

Currently, women are detained in two immigration detention centres:


A women-only detention centre, near to Durham in the North-East of the UK.


Yarl's Wood

A detention centre mainly for men, with a separate unit for women, just outside of Bedford in the East of the UK.

Yarl's Wood

"Stop profiting from our heartbreak!"

Alongside our End Detention group, a solidarity group of refugee and asylum-seeking women who have experienced immigration detention, or are at risk of detention, we are urging Mitie and Serco to stop profiting from our heartbreak and to end their harmful involvement in running immigration detention centres in the UK.

But we need your support! Find out more and get involved.

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Take action against Serco

Serco are a private company who make HUGE profits from running immigration detention centres on behalf of the UK Government.

The harm, pain, and misery caused by immigration detention and by Serco is extremely well-evidenced.

A recent inspection of Serco run Yarl’s Wood, by HM Inspectorate of Prisons, highlighted extremely concerning findings, including high-levels of depression and suicidality among women detained at Yarl’s Wood.

Profiting from the hostile environment and people’s suffering is not something to be proud of.

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