Join us on Thursday 15 July for our day of action and say #NoToHassockfield

Every woman deserves a chance to rebuild her life in safety. Yet, instead of getting the support they need, too often women’s experiences are not believed and they are locked up in immigration detention. Most women held in detention are known to be survivors of trafficking, torture, or sexual violence. Detention is harmful, as well as expensive, unjust and unnecessary.

We need more kindness and compassion, not a new detention centre.

Together we can show this government we oppose their plans to open this new detention centre for women and say #NoToHassockfield!


1. Join us on social media to say #NoToHassockfield

Join us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to make as much noise as possible. We want to show the Home Office that we oppose their plans to open this new detention centre for women and that we want a kinder and more compassionate response to women seeking safety in our communities.

Find our social media templates here and more information on how you can get involved on social media to say #NoToHassockfield!


2. Sign and share Agnes’ petition

Agnes needed protection, but instead she was detained for months before being granted refugee status.

I know how detention destroys a woman. Women become depressed and suicidal in detention. I don’t want to see this happen to any of my sisters who are looking for safety.

Over 14,000 of you have already joined Agnes to say #NoToHassockfield.  Add your name to show your solidarity and to stop this new detention centre from opening.


3. Tweet or write to your MP

We want to connect with MPs before they go on recess for summer to tell them that we do not want this new detention centre for women to open.

Use our easy tool to tweet your MP to say #NoToHassockfield

Use our simple tool to write to your MP to tell them to take action to stop the new detention centre from opening in one click!

Our MPs can make a difference – contact yours today!


Email Carenza,, if you have any questions!