The government has opened a consultation on its new plan for immigration This closes on 6 May 2021. 

We have produced a guide for our supporters who want to make a personal response: 

Why you should speak up with refugee women: 

This plan is very dangerous for women seeking asylum. 

The changes will harm men and women. But women are likely to be affected in a different way to men, and we want to make sure that these experiences are not forgotten, as they too often are. 

Women are very likely to have suffered sexual abuse in their countries of origin or violence that was inflicted on them because they are women.  This includes trafficking for forced prostitution, forced marriage, or rape during war.  

We are concerned that the proposal would mean that some of the most vulnerable women who come to our country don’t get the protection they need to rebuild their lives. 


It’s time to make our voices heard and #TellPritiPatel. 

The Home Office has not made this consultation straightforward. We think that’s deliberate.  

That’s why we have produced this simple guide to help to you submit a personal response on why these proposals will harm women. We suggest you focus on just three questions, and will guide you every step of the way. 

You can read some example responses here.

We do think it is absolutely vital to respond. It’s so important that the Home Office can’t say that everyone supports these new plans.  

Take part in the consultation. Look at our guide, and get started. 


Please share on social media that you are responding, so we can build solidarity:

Email us if you are having problems with the consultation or your response