The government is currently trying to push through legislation that will make it even harder for women fleeing violence to find safety in the UK.

The Nationality and Borders Bill will make far-reaching changes to the asylum process.

This is the process that is meant to offer protection to people who are seeking safety from war, rape, trafficking, torture and other extreme violence. For many years, this process has been broken, because it puts vulnerable people in further danger here in the UK by depriving them of safety, dignity and liberty. This Bill will make it even worse.

Priti Patel says that she wants to help vulnerable women. But this proposed new legislation is dangerous and will harm women:


Among the aspects of the bill that we are concerned about:
  1. The new Bill proposes to distinguish between refugees depending on how they travel to the UK. Those who are forced to take irregular routes, such as by boat or lorry, will not be allowed permanent settlement in the UK.

A member of the Rainbow Sisters group at Women for Refugee Women said:

If you condemn us to temporary settlement we would never feel safe. Without getting permanent settlement, we would never have the chance to heal from the trauma that we have suffered.

2. This Bill also proposes to limit people’s ability to bring evidence to the asylum claim later in the process. But many women need mental health support and legal advice before they can open up about their suffering. We work with many women who take many years to disclose the violence they have experienced.

We all need to come together now to stand with women seeking asylum, and #TellPritiPatel that they need safety.

We continue to build the movement against this legislation.

Please contact your MP and ask them to speak up in Parliament about the impact that the Bill would have on women.

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