“Now I feel that I am not just a number but a valued person who can contribute and share my experience with wide audiences to increase understanding about the experiences of refugees.”

Women for Refugee Women advocates for a fairer asylum process, in which all women who cross borders for safety can get a just hearing and can live with liberty and dignity.

Since 2014, we have led the Set Her Free campaign against the immigration detention of asylum-seeking women. This campaign has enabled women who have been detained to have their voices heard in Parliament and in the mainstream media. As a result, we have created real policy change, including a time limit on the detention of pregnant women. However, while the government continues to lock up women in detention, our work goes on.

Alongside this continuing work, we co-ordinate Sisters Not Strangers, a new nationwide movement of asylum-seeking women who are organising to end destitution. Women who are seeking safety in the UK are facing new dangers from being made homeless and cut off from all forms of support. We are using creative strategies to build power and energy amongst grassroots networks of women and challenge hostile policies. We believe that no woman in the UK should be made destitute.

We enable refugee women to become advocates for the changes that they want to see to build a fairer world. Over the last 10 years we have seen real changes as a result of this work: refugee women speaking out and telling their own stories, new audiences listening, influential people speaking out about the injustices that refugee women face, and initial improvements in policy that we hope will build towards lasting change.

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